Sterling Anderson Stories July 27, 2016

Tesla Autopilot miles driven 1

The news that Tesla and Mobileye are parting ways over the development of the Autopilot program was surprising for some yesterday, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has since commented on the news calling it “inevitable”.

Now Tesla’s Autopilot Program Director, Sterling Anderson, is adding some color to the change of direction, saying that Tesla is looking to move quickly in autonomous driving and in order to do that, they need a “tight integration” of both hardware and software. Something they can do better if more of the program is developed in-house. expand full story

Sterling Anderson Stories July 13, 2016

Tesla Autopilot miles driven 1

Sterling Anderson, Tesla’s Director of Autopilot Programs, made a rare comment on the recent and evolving situation around his project at the automaker. He said that it’s been “a dark couple of months” for his team after the death of Joshua Brown, the Model S owner involved in an accident in Florida while driving on Autopilot, and the subsequent media coverage of the tragic event. expand full story

Sterling Anderson Stories May 24, 2016

Tesla Autopilot miles driven 1

Today the company released new data related to its Autopilot program and is now reporting “~100 million miles” driven with Autopilot active. The figure includes Autosteer and/or Traffic -Aware Cruise Control – the Autopilot’s main convenience features. expand full story

Sterling Anderson Stories February 22, 2016


Electrek has learned that Tesla recently named its Model X program manager and former MIT researcher Sterling Anderson new ‘Director of Autopilot Programs’.

He is joining legendary microprocessor engineer Jim Keller, who has recently been hired to lead the Autopilot Hardware Engineering team, in Tesla’s Autopilot leadership. expand full story

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