Spotify Stories July 10, 2019

Tesla is navigating a fairly complex in-car music streaming situation and now Elon Musk is adding to it by hinting that Tesla cars in North America might get Spotify. expand full story

Spotify Stories March 8, 2016


Tesla last night posted 11 “howto” videos showing how to use the giant capacitive touch display in the middle of the center console as well as the smartphone app. Veteran Model S owners will find them mostly repetitive but there might be some nuggets of wisdom inside. However, new and prospective owners need to see all of them to understand how the car works.  See all embedded below: expand full story

Spotify Stories December 21, 2015

Tesla Spotify

Tesla sent an email to Model S owners today to announce that the company is pushing an update with a new media app for Spotify’s music streaming service. expand full story

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