solaredge Stories July 11, 2017

SolarEdge, an Israel-based tech company, unveils today a new product that merges the worlds of residential solar and electric vehicles.

The company announced its new home electric car charger integrated with a solar inverter. expand full story

solaredge Stories September 15, 2015

SolarEdge announced a significant upgrade to their smart inverter line this today called “HD-Wave” which will have a profound impact on the solar industry. Further followup from SolarEdge yields a nice (HDWave PDF) Deck as well outlining some of the bigger upgrades.


In short, SolarEdge has done for the inverter (a critical piece of the solar ecosystem which turns DC powered Solar/Wind/hydro electricity into AC which is used by homes and long poweline distance travel) what flat panels did for the TV just a decade or so ago.  The new technology uses 16 times fewer magnets, smaller thin film capacitors and much less cooling to yield a 99% efficient power transformation. That not only makes solar installs less expensive, more productive and easier, it makes Tesla’s Powerwall a whole lot smaller… expand full story

solaredge Stories June 19, 2015

SolarEdge, an Israel based inverter manufacturer, released a very interesting video of a 24 hour time-lapse of the energy management system of a house connected to the grid, a solar panels installation and a battery pack.  expand full story

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