picture Stories March 30, 2016

model 3 cloaked wired

Wired Germany recently got access to Tesla’s design studio in Hawthorne, California, where the automaker will unveil the Model 3 tomorrow. Today the publication published an interview (German) with Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and claims that the picture above is a cloaked Model 3. expand full story

picture Stories March 29, 2016

picture Stories March 16, 2016


Ever since Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a comment about the Model 3 unveiling during a special event for Tesla owners at the company’s France headquarters in Chambourcy last January, there’s been persisting speculations that Tesla would only show pictures of the car during its March 31 unveiling.

When asked about when we will get to see pictures of the Model 3, Musk answered:

“The first pictures of the Model 3 will be end of March… I am being a little coy here, we are not gonna show everything about the Model 3 until a lot closer to production time.”

An audience member asked for more details, but as it is often the case when it comes to future products, Musk refused to elaborate. At the time we reported on the comment, we simply interpreted it as something similar to the Model X unveiling where some of the features weren’t revealed until the launch years later, but never as an indication that Tesla would only show pictures since the question was directly asking for pictures – probably since the person asking wasn’t expecting to be able to go and see the car in person.

But it didn’t stop speculations. Now after Tesla sent out more invites for the March 31 unveiling in Los Angeles, we are now told that Tesla will indeed have Model 3 prototypes at the event and not only pictures. expand full story

picture Stories December 14, 2015

Model S wagon rain prisk designAnother automotive designer, Rain Prisk Designs, released renderings of a wagon version of the Tesla Model S. To be clear, the design is from an independent artist unaffiliated with Tesla and as far as we know, Tesla has no plan to make a station wagon any time soon. expand full story

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