modification Stories March 3, 2016

Palmer Luckey

Oculus VR founder and Rift inventor Palmer Luckey was at a Microsoft Windows 10 Showcase in San Francisco this week and he briefly commented on his Tesla Model S, which he described as “probably the best car that’s ever been made”.

Despite his comment, Luckey, who owns a Model S P85D, thinks he could improve on the vehicle, or at least make it faster, with a few modifications. expand full story

modification Stories December 4, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 1.39.31 PMSome Tesla Model S owners who are used to high-end luxury cars have complained about the vehicle’ interior not being up to the standards of a $80,000+ car. Andrey, a Model S owner in Moscow, was tired of complaining and took action. He completely changed the interior of his Model S to a BMW 6-series’ for about $30,000. expand full story

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