hiring Stories May 3, 2016

Tesla Fremont factory 20

As Tesla is looking to almost double its annual vehicle production every year for the next few years, it has to significantly increase its headcount, which currently stands at just over 15,000 employees. Now Tesla is reportedly set to go on a hiring spree this weekend to hire “hundreds” of “production assembly associates” at a “massive” job fair in Fremont, California, according to job listings.

Tesla recently confirmed that it is currently working on increasing its production plans to minimize the wait for the Model 3 following the storm of reservations it received for the $35,000 all-electric sedan – approaching 400,000 cars as of the latest update. expand full story

hiring Stories October 18, 2015


Tesla Motors, SpaceX and SolarCity – three companies influenced by Elon Musk – are currently on a massive hiring spree around the US. They already have a combined headcount of over 32,000 employees and the total is set to increase significantly in the coming months. We learned that Musk’s companies are holding joined private recruiting events, the latest of which held last weekend at SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California.

Recruiters from each company select students recommended through university programs and invite them to the relatively secretive events to interview with SolarCity, SpaceX or Tesla. expand full story

hiring Stories October 16, 2015

maxresdefault (3)SolarCity, the biggest solar installer in the U.S., will attempt to hire 500 new employees in a single day on October 21. The company already employs over 14,000 workers in the U.S. and is adding more than 500 per month on average.

PR stunt? Maybe, but nonetheless the move is highlighting the importance of the solar industry in the U.S. job market. expand full story

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