Henrik Fisker Stories November 1, 2019

EV fans are accustomed to Henrik Fisker making plans for ground-breaking electric vehicles. We want Mr. Fisker to succeed. But there’s a telltale sign that the economic fundamentals of his new EV aren’t quite worked out: It’s offered only “in a flexible lease,” a scheme commonly described as a car subscription. expand full story

Henrik Fisker Stories October 31, 2016


After releasing a few teasers over the past few weeks and using some shady techniques to hype the product in subsequent articles, Henrik Fisker officially unveiled the design of its upcoming new electric car today and gave it a name: EMotion. expand full story

Henrik Fisker Stories October 4, 2016

Fisker Karma

We all know how it ended the first time car designer Henrik Fisker started a namesake company. Fisker Automotive went bankrupt in 2012 after taking hundreds of millions in loans from the US government and failing to deliver its plug-in hybrid vehicle in volume reliably.

The company and its battery supplier, A123 Systems, have since been bought by a Chinese conglomerate and relaunched under the name Karma Automotive. We recently reported on the company relaunching Fisker’s flagship vehicle, the Karma, under the new name ‘Revero’.

Now that the company is not using the name ‘Fisker’ anymore, Henrik decided to launch again a namesake company: Fisker, Inc, as well as a battery tech division: ‘Fisker Nanotech’. expand full story

Henrik Fisker Stories August 12, 2015

According to the LA Times, Fisker Automotive inked a deal to lease a 556,000-square-foot industrial building in Riverside County. The 11 year lease is estimated to be worth $30 million and the company is expected to use the facility to manufacture their soon-to-be relaunched flagship vehicle, the electric-hybrid Fisker Karma. expand full story

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