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GAC Aion V

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GAC Aion to launch LX Plus SUV in China with over 620 miles of range

Aion LX Plus

Chinese automaker GAC Aion aims to be one of the first in China to deliver a long-sought NEDC range of 1,000 km (~621 miles) with its new LX Plus electric SUV. The upcoming EV was recently processed through one of the final steps in China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), meaning it will soon be available to consumers overseas.

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GAC-Aion unveils 480 kW fast charger, well below previously rumored 600 kW

GAC Aion charger

Chinese EV manufacturer GAC Aion has officially debuted its A480 fast charger, capable of charging its upcoming Aion V SUV from 30-80% in under five minutes. While still impressive, the fast charger’s top charging power of 480 kW sits well below rumors last week speculating this debut would showcase a 600 kW charger.

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GAC Aion showcases charging technology claiming charging times of 8 minutes

GAC Aion charging

Chinese EV manufacturer GAC Aion showcased its new charging technologies while claiming charge speeds closer to filling up a tank of gas than charging up an EV. With 3C and 6C versions showcased during its Technology Da,y GAC Aion’s upcoming Aion V EV could charge at lightning fast rates without damage to the battery.

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