EVOGO Stories April 20

Earlier this week, battery manufacturer CATL officially began operating four EVOGO battery swap stations in Xiamen, part of southeast China’s Fujian Province. With the start of battery swap services, CATL has declared Xiamen the world’s first EVOGO city, with plans for dozens more stations this year.

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EVOGO Stories January 18

Following confirmation of a new brand catered to battery swaps, CATL subsidiary CAES officially unveiled its EVOGO swap solution. In addition to implementing swap stations across ten Chinese cities to begin, CAES and EVOGO have also introduced modular battery blocks inspired by chocolate bars, and a coinciding app.

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EVOGO Stories January 17

China’s leading battery manufacturer CATL recently shared news it is entering the market of battery swap technology for EVs, with a new brand called EVOGO, set to launch Tuesday. CATL has been teasing the new battery swap brand on its social media, ahead of the upcoming launch event in China.

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