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CATL begins mass production of its Qilin batteries with 13% more power than other 4680 cells

CATL 4680

According to recent reports out of China, the world’s leading battery manufacturer CATL has successfully achieved mass production of its energy dense Qilin batteries capable of delivering 1,000 km (621 miles) of range. CATL’s new cells utilize the 4680 pack structure and will debut on the upcoming ZEEKR 009 multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

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CATL dominates global EV battery market for sixth straight year

EV battery market

The 2022 report from South Korean firm SNE Research shows that EV battery manufacturer CATL once again holds its title as the largest in the world by installed battery capacity. That’s now six years in a row that CATL leads the global EV battery market and based on 2022’s numbers, is showing no signs of slowing down.

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NIO and CATL deepen partnership to advance battery longevity, expand to new markets


EV automaker NIO and world leader in battery manufacturing CATL held a signing ceremony in China this week in which the two companies deepen an existing relationship in order to improve EV battery supply chains, advance new EV brands and their respective technology, all while expanding to new markets. Here’s the latest.

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CATL expands deal with Vinfast to provide skateboard chassis for EVs and ‘enhance global footprint’

Vinfast EV

Global battery giant CATL and Vietnamese EV automaker Vinfast announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding to expand upon their current battery supply agreement. With this new “strategic cooperation,” the companies will explore CIIC skateboard platforms for EVs and “other areas” surrounding EV and battery technology.

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BMW confirms it will adopt Tesla’s 4680 cell format, pledging billions of dollars for six global battery factories


BMW Group has come out and publicly stated that its future success in a competitive EV market relies heavily on “powerful, innovative, and sustainably produced” battery cells. When BMW’s Neue Klasse (new class) EV architecture launches in 2025, the German automaker says the EV platforms will utilize newly developed 46-mm-diameter battery cells, the same larger design Tesla is using.

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CATL’s energy dense Qilin batteries one-up the 4680 cell and will debut in the ZEEKR 009


Following the debut of its third generation cell-to-pack (CTP) “Qilin” battery cells in June, battery expert CATL has shared which EV brand will be the first to use them – ZEEKR. The energy dense batteries will initially debut on the recently announced ZEEKR 009 MPV, quickly followed by the ZEEKR 001 which promises over 620 miles (1,000 km) of all-electric range.

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CATL reportedly vetting sites for US battery production to support BMW and Ford


A recent report states that global battery conglomerate CATL is in the final stages of vetting potential sites to bring EV battery production to the US. The move would mark the company’s first entry into the second largest automotive market in the world, and the new facilities would provide cells to BMW AG and Ford Motor Company for their EV production stateside.

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CATL invests in $6 billion battery project to manufacture, recycle, and mine material in Indonesia

CATL Indonesia

Fresh off news of its first expansion outside of China into Germany, CATL is expanding further as part of a new $6 billion dollar battery chain project in Indonesia. Through its subsidiary and an agreement with Indonesia PT AnekaTambang (ANTAM) and PT Industri Baterai Indonesia (IBI), CATL will have a majority stake in five of the six planned battery projects.

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Honda to invest $40 billion in EVs and $340 million in solid-state batteries, but will rely on hybrids well into 2030s

Honda hybrid

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe has truly begun to wake up and smell the EV coffee lately, making several big announcements in 2022 that pertain to expanded electrification. In its latest news, Honda plans to invest about $40 billion over the next decade to deliver 30 BEVs around the globe. Despite this effort and additional funds allocated toward solid-state battery development, Honda is still very much in love with hybrid vehicles and plans to continue to promote them.

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CATL’s battery plant in Germany, its first outside of China, receives production approval for 8 GWh per year

CATL Germany

Battery manufacturing behemoth, CATL, shared news that its upcoming plant in Thuringia, Germany has received 2nd partial approval for cell production. This milestone brings the Chinese company one step closer to opening its first battery manufacturing facility outside of China later this year.

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CATL announces zero-carbon battery plant in China as it looks to achieve global carbon neutrality

CATL battery plant

The world’s largest battery manufacturer, is going green… or at least starting to. Earlier today, CATL announced it has built a zero-carbon battery plant in Yibin, Sichuan province of China. While the current details are scarce, we can expect to learn more following a presentation on Friday local time overseas.

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CATL continues reign as the world’s largest EV battery manufacturer for a fifth straight year

EV battery market

New data from a South Korean research firm shows that EV battery manufacturer CATL is once against the largest in the world by installed battery capacity. The company saw growth over 165% compared to 2020 and holds the title of world’s largest battery manufacturer for the fifth year in a row.

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CATL officially launches EVOGO battery swap brand alongside chocolate-inspired battery blocks

CATL battery swaps

Following confirmation of a new brand catered to battery swaps, CATL subsidiary CAES officially unveiled its EVOGO swap solution. In addition to implementing swap stations across ten Chinese cities to begin, CAES and EVOGO have also introduced modular battery blocks inspired by chocolate bars, and a coinciding app.

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