continental Stories January 31, 2020

Dirk Abendroth, the chief technology officer for tier-one supplier Continental, knows a thing or two about electric vehicles. Before joining Continental a year ago, he headed electric powertrains for the BMW i3 and i8. He also served as vice president of powertrain and autonomous driving at Byton.

Now, from his vantage point as CTO for one of the top five global auto suppliers, he told Electrek, “Electric mobility is a real revolution.” He listed the reasons why that’s true: reduced CO2, new design possibilities, and a radical shift in manufacturing.

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continental Stories December 13, 2017

Continental AG, the large German automotive OEM company today previewed some new electric car charging technology that they plan to showcase at CES in Las Vegas next month. The announcements amount to two different parts of the EV charging infrastructure that would be OEM-ed into Electric vehicles by automakers:

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continental Stories December 11, 2015

continental_intelligent_car_windows_en-dataAutomakers are not waiting for battery technology to improve in order to increase the range of electric vehicles. They are looking at every possible way to make their vehicles more efficient with aerodynamic performance and weight reduction. With the same mindset, Continental thinks that its latest film technology could help them make vehicles more efficient and increase the range of EVs by as much as 5.5%. expand full story

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