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Low-cost tiny electric cars like these could be the next big thing

It’s true that prices for many leading full-size electric cars have dropped slightly in the last few months. But even a $50,000 Tesla is still much harder to afford than an electric micro-car that can cost a quarter of the price. Those smaller electric tiny cars, NEVs, and LSVs also come with big advantages over their full-size cousins, saving more than just cash.

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The Tesla Model 3 is seeing the most interest in these cities

cities model 3
Tesla will start taking reservations worldwide for the Model 3 in the morning of March 31st and the closer we get to the event, the more it looks like it will be an iPhone launch-like pandemonium. Coincidentally, Apple is also releasing its new iPhone SE on the same day, and a lot like it’s a less expensive version of its flagship phone, Tesla is also launching a less expensive product built on the knowledge it accumulated while developing its luxury sedan and SUV.