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Deal: Fanttik’s new X8 Nano Electric Ball Pump helps you play like the professionals

The Fanttik X8 Nano Electric Ball Pump, a palm-sized powerhouse that debuts in February, inflates sports balls quickly and precisely so you can focus on playing – and winning – your game. The new product adds to Fanttik’s best-known and best-selling lineup of flagship products like the X8 Apex portable tire inflator and X8 tire pump for motorcycles. For a limited time you can get 30% off the X8 Nano Electric Ball Pump bringing it to $49.47 (Reg $69.97) with code PRX8NANO and the $10 coupon currently on Amazon.

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Check out cordless car vacuums from Fanttik, designed specifically to help keep your vehicle spotless (22% off)

Fanttik car vacuum

Fairly young brand Fanttik continues to show why it’s an emerging name in quality vehicle accessories. It has showcased two of its latest cordless car vacuums – the Fanttik V8 Mate and V9 Mate – each unique in its own way to tackle dirt, crumbs, and pet hair bound to end up in your vehicle, whether its a compact like a Tesla Model 3, or an SUV like a Rivian R1S.

For a limited time you can get up to 22% off the V8 Mate and V9 Mate using the on-page coupon on Amazon + our exclusive code ELECTREK8 (for V8) or ELECTREK9 (for V9).

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Take advantage of Deal of the Day pricing for the Fanttik X8 Apex tire inflator on Amazon

The best tire inflators are those that just don’t fill tires, but what about one that can fit in your pocket and doubles as a flashlight? The Fanttik X8 Apex tire inflator for example is light, portable, and can serve a multitude of applications quickly and efficiently, all in unit smaller than a bottle of Coca-Cola. Take advantage of $30 off today as it holds a short reign as Amazon’s Deal of the Day.

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