As an SUV, the Tesla Model X, especially the latest P100D version, is putting a lot of exotic sports cars to shame when it comes to 0 to 60 mph acceleration and quarter-mile performance. It also just happens to be all-electric.

Now a Model X beat a Lamborghini Aventador in a drag race and established a new quarter-mile record of 11.4 seconds at 118 mph at the same time.

Drag Times brought both their Tesla Model X P100D and Tesla Model S P100D out to Palm Beach International Raceway after being challenged by a Lamborghini Aventador owner, who also happens to be a Tesla owner so he knew what he was getting into.

Unsurprisingly, the Model X beat the Aventador on the start, but the supercar caught up – just not quick enough to beat the all-electric SUV to the quarter-mile mark.

At this point, we are getting quite used to Tesla’s performance vehicles beating gas-powered supercars, but the Model X’s time is interesting on its own since it could very well be a record for the world’s quickest production SUV on a real world drag strip.

It ran the quarter-mile in 11.41 seconds at 117.95 MPH.

Interestingly, the Model X achieved that with a 78% state-of-charge. Tesla vehicles achieve better performance when their battery pack is full. Drag Times say that they plan on bringing the Model X P100D back to the track with a full charge soon and see how it compares.

Here’s the video:

While the Model X is impressing as an SUV, the Model S has been the most popular Tesla vehicle for drag races.

Drag Times also filmed their Model S P100D versus the Aventador:

Earlier this year, the Model S quarter-mile record was broken on several occasions – most recently at 10.44 seconds @ 124.21 mph.

Tesla has improved significantly on its performance vehicles over the past few years and if they keep improving, it wouldn’t be surprising if they could soon beat the 10-second mark.

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