In this week’s top stories: our top story this week was our look into a spectacular accident in a Tesla Model S where the owner credited the vehicle for saving his life and his passenger. We also look into some analysis of Tesla Semi ahead of the unveiling, a new electric VTOL aircraft, and much more.

We kicked things off this week with Tesla’s changes to the options for Model S and Model X – making the Model S 75 the least expensive model and adding features to the Model X.

Later, we published a crazy story of a Model S driver and his passenger walking away unscathed after their vehicle tumbled ~500 feet down a cliff and ended up upside down in a trail.

Another one of our biggest stories this week was on the maiden flight of the world’s first working prototype of an electric VTOL jet from Lilium Aviation – you can watch the video of the flight below.

These and the rest of this week’s top stories below:

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