Tesla made a lot of changes to its design studio today. They mostly had to do with pricing changes for the Model S following the discontinuation of the Model S 60 and 60D option – you can read Jamie’s post for all the details, but the Model X was also updated and with new features – not only price changes.

The flagship all-electric SUV has new wheels and a center console for the second-row seats.

The new wheels are called ‘Sonic Carbon’ and allow for a dark wheel option without having to make the upgrade to 22″ wheels since they are 20″.

Tesla specifies the different in performance:

“There are different advantages to the 22-inch and 20-inch wheels. For example, the 22-inch wheels generally provide increased handling whereas the 20-inch wheels wear less quickly and provide more protection from obstacles and poor road conditions.”

It’s still a $3,000 upgrade on the standard and they look exactly as the standard ‘Silver Wheels’ in term of design. It’s not clear if the “carbon” in the name means anything in term of a change in the material – or it’s just the color.

Here’s the new ‘Sonic Carbon’ wheel pulled from the Model X design studio:

The other new feature in the Model X is the option to add a second row center console when ordering the Model X with a 6-seat configuration.

Tesla describes the console:

“Add a color matched center console for second row passengers, providing two additional cup holders and a storage cubby under the armrest. Available with Black or White interiors. The center console is not removable and requires factory installation.”

It also comes with rear air conditioning and heating system. Here it is with black and white interiors:

As you can see, Tesla also recently updated the back of the Model X seats to remove the glossy finish and replace it with a matte finish for a less flashy and more elegant look.

It’s a simple chance, but since it represents a large part of the visible material in the car – it makes a significant difference. Picture via lundjordanon on /r/teslamotors:

What do you think of all those recent changes in the Model X? Let us know in the comment section below.

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