Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company’s all-electric compact SUV, called Model Y, is still “a few years” away from production.

Today, the CEO reportedly teased that an announcement about the vehicle is coming “next week”.

He reportedly told Ars Technica in a private direct message on Twitter. The publication then weirdly buried the lead in an article about Tencent investing in Tesla, as we reported earlier today.

They wrote:

“Finally, we’ve had the closest thing to official confirmation that a cheaper electric SUV—the so-called Model Y—is happening. We asked Musk (via Twitter direct message) whether there was any truth to recent rumors of the fourth model. The reply? An enigmatic “Next week.”

It doesn’t look like there’s any unveiling planned for next week –  so if the information is true, it’s more likely to be some details (or hopefully a picture) that Musk would share on Twitter.

Though as we previously noted, we expected to see a prototype relatively soon since Musk said that Tesla planned to unveil the prototypes for its electric pickup truck and semi truck this year and that the Model Y is expected before those two vehicles.

Tesla hasn’t released a ton of information about the Model Y, but Musk said that the vehicle will feature ‘Falcon Wing’ doors like the Model X.

Aside from the doors, the vehicle is expected to be very similar to the Model 3 in term of design and feature similar options as the Model 3, like the Model S is similar to the Model X. They are both expected to be built on the same vehicle platform.

Featured Image: Tesla Model Y unofficial render via Autocar.

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