Nissan released today its January sales report for the U.S. and revealed that LEAF sales are down 29.4% versus the same period last year. Until late in 2015, the company had the excuse of the upcoming 2016 models, which were affecting sales negatively as potential buyers were waiting for the upgrade, but the new cars arrived at dealerships and December was still a very disappointing month for Nissan’s all-electric vehicle.

The company delivered 755 LEAFs in the US in January versus 1,070 during the same period in 2015, which represent a 29.4% decrease in sales.

Some were hoping that this year Nissan would let us forget the LEAF’s poor 2015 sales performance, 17,269 units versus 30,200 in 2014, especially with the new 2016 models, but the company is not up to a good start in January.

The new 30 kWh battery pack option for the 2016 models gets 107 EPA-rated miles on a single charge and is at an interesting price point after incentive. The pack is standard on the LEAF SV and LEAF SL models which starts at $34,200 and $36,790 respectively. Nissan also still offers the 24 kWh pack option on the LEAF S, which starts at $29,010.

You would think the new option would spur interest in Nissan’s flagship EV and the current slump might also simply be a problem with lagging inventory due to a slow ramp up. We probably should wait a few more sales reports before calling the LEAF “dead” in the US.


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