Iron Man director Jon Favreau not only had the chance to get a personal walkthrough of the Model X with Tesla CEO Elon Musk just a few days after the unveiling of the vehicle, but he also arrived at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere with Musk in his Founder series Model X VIN #1.

The director went on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show and talked about the experience, as well as his general impression of the vehicle after borrowing it.

Interesting free advertising for Tesla with an almost 3-minute long segment, even though Favreau called the Model X a “minivan” and referred to the “Falcon Wing doors” as “gull wing doors”.

Favreau and Musk have been friends since the director made the first Iron Man movie for which Robert Downey Jr. hung out with Musk for inspiration for the role of Tony Stark.

Here’s the interview:

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