The Tesla Model X, which is the first electric car with a significant towing capacity, reportedly can tow at impressively high-speeds. Trip Chowdrhy, a financial analyst who covers Tesla for Global Equities, says he witnessed Tesla testing a Model X towing at “very high speeds” at the Fremont factory.

In a note sent to customers, Chowdhry highlights 3 points:

  • Tesla Model X is testing the Towing, at speeds of 70 to 75 miles…we have never seen any SUV vehicle towing at such high speeds
  • The Tow had the length of ~1.15 times the length of Model X, and had 4 set of wheels
  • Model X looked extremely stable and in control with Tow at such high speeds, in-spite of rain

He shared these pictures via StreetInsider:

Model X tow

When configured with 22″ wheels, the Model X has a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds and when configured with 20″ wheels, the towing capacity of Model X increases to 5,000 pounds, according to Tesla.

A 5,000 pounds capacity can enable the use of a variety of  different trailers and it’s interesting to hear that it can work at high-speeds, though some jurisdictions have speed limits for vehicles with trailers – for example in California where there’s a 55 mph limit.

Video of Tesla testing the Model X towing capacity at the Fremont factory:

Note via StreetInsider

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