Sungevity is on a roll lately. Earlier this week, the company announced a partnership with Viridian and today it introduces a new program with PlugShare to offer free charging stations for electric vehicles when buying a solar installation with the company in the Bay Area.

Under the new ‘Drive Solar’ program, the company will install a level 2 GE WattStation for free for new solar customers. If you have a Tesla Model S, instead of the WattStation, the company will install a new 240V NEMA 14-50 outlet with a 50A breaker for you to get more out of the Tesla Mobile Connector.

If you already have an EV and a charging station, Sungevity will give you a $500 discount on your new solar installation, which is about the equivalent of the WattStation’s retail price.

If you are a homeowner in the Bay Area and you are about to buy an EV, this might be your chance to save a little money while driving on sunshine.

You can enter your zip code here to see if you are eligible to the Drive Solar program.

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