SolarCity, leader in residential solar installations, launched a new website called SolarCityNOW. The website displays realtime information on SolarCity’s energy output and new solar installations. The map illustrates how SolarCity acts like a decentralized electric utility. The company has over 200,000 installations, all connected to the internet in order to monitor the energy output of each system in realtime. 

SolarCityNOW displays dots on the map when new customers sign with the company, when new permits are issued and when system installations are completed or turned on. But the most interesting data is without a doubt the total energy output of the day. The solar installer reached an energy output of 5 GWh for the first time March 31th and the company has since been surpassing the milestone regularly.

The website also displays information about the latest installations and how much money it will save the homeowner as well as how much CO2 it will offset. SolarCity aims to reach 1 million customers in 2018 and now you can follow their progress in realtime on this neat website.

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