It is without any public announcement that Tesla updated its website Friday night to include a section for pre-owned vehicles. 178 cars were available in 11 locations in the US.

Unsurprisingly, most of the cars are equipped with the performance package. 116 out of the 178 pre-owned vehicles available in the US are P85 or P85+. When Tesla announced the new Model S versions with dual motor in October 2014, a significant number of performance Model S owners were showing interest in upgrading to the P85D.

The Model S with a 60KWh battery pack represents only 8% of the pre-owned cars available on the website. This is in-line with Elon Musk’s comment about this version of the car representing “less than 10%” of the Model S’ sales. He made this comment when Tesla announced it was discontinuing the 60KWh version to replace it with a 70KWh battery pack and dual motor.

It will be interesting to follow the website and see how quickly these pre-owned vehicles are selling.

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