Edmunds documented their unofficial record-breaking “reverse Cannonball Run.”

“The key to breaking the record wasn’t to drive fast; we had to drive smart,” said Dan Edmunds. “Fast, aggressive driving will only succeed in sucking down an EV’s battery. We had to drive responsibly to make sure we had enough juice to get from one charging station to the next. And we saved time by charging only a little more than what we figured was necessary to get to the next Supercharger.”

The Trip Stats

  • Total Time: *67 hours, 21 minutes (Tesla: 76 hours, 5 minutes)
  • Total Distance: 3,331.9 miles (Tesla: 3,427 miles)
  • Driving Time: 52 hours, 41 minutes (Tesla: 60 hours, 8 minutes)
  • Average Driving Speed: 63.2 mph (Tesla: 57.0 mph)
  • Average Trip Speed: 49.5 mph (Tesla 45.0 mph)
  • Average Distance Covered in 24 hours: **1,187.3 miles
  • Supercharger Plug-In Time: 14 hours, 40 minutes (Tesla: 15 hours, 57 minutes)
  • Number of Supercharger Stops: 23
  • Average Supercharger Plug-in Time: 38.3 minutes
  • Number of Other Stops: 0
  • Average Consumption Rate: 317 Watt-hours/mile
  • Total Consumption: 1.06 Megawatt-hours
  • Total Fuel Cost: $0
  • Extra Distance and Time Due To Cannonball Start/End Instead of City Hall-to-City Hall: 21 miles, approximately 45 to 50 minutes.
  • And, lest we forget: Total L.A.-N.Y.-L.A. Round Trip Time: **6 days, 23 hours, 4 minutes (less than a week!)

After arriving in New York, the team headed back to California at a more leisurely 6 day pace.

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