Screenshot 2014-04-04 12.39.20See that big opening in the Tesal Supercharger map between Ohio and Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh? Tesla plans to put a Supercharger in Cranberry Township, PA (NW of Pittsburgh) to close the gap on the cross country Supercharger highway.

I just called the Residence Inn (724- 779-1000) where the Supercharger is located and they indicated it opened last night and Teslas were now charging there. As of this writing, Tesla’s Supercharger Map nor the very helpful website have it updated but this very important station is now confirmed operational.

Why is this so important? Tesla typically spaces its superchargers out about 100 miles apart so that the 60kWh Teslas can easily travel between stations (if the weather isn’t subzero and they drive reasonably). The Somerset PA- Macedonia, OH was the largest gap between chargers to cross the US and it is now filled, allowing 60kWh cars to make the trip without having to drive 40mph.

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