If you’ve watched Who Killed the Electric Car or Revenge of the Electric Car, you know Bob Lutz as a bit of an anti-hero. That’s why we love his re-emergance as an electric car guru at Via which rebuilds gas guzzling Chevy trucks into Electric fleet vehicles.

He goes on the record with the BBC last week saying the MAGIC WORDS that will change the car industry over the next decade:

Fleets that buy these will see a monthly fuel savings that is equivalent to the monthly lease price of the truck. They are basically getting a free truck.

Think about this. This isn’t an anomaly. A Chevy Spark EV can be bought on a $200/month lease. Electricity costs about 1/4-1/3 of gas per mile. That means someone who spends $300 on gasoline per month is getting a free car if they upgrade their car to a Chevy Spark EV.  If you average $10/day or use around 3+ gallons of gasoline per day, getting a new Chevy Spark EV is ….free. EVObession makes some pretty terrific charts that visualize this.

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