From Tesla MotorClub Forums:

I’m living proof the Model S is the safest car ever made! Yesterday I was in a terrible car accident with my beloved Model S. I was hit by a driver who was talking on her cell phone and blew a red light. I got slammed at full speed while passing through an intersection. I was luck enough to walk away with no broken bones while the person who hit me left in an ambulance. I can tell you with absolute certainty, my model S protected me where other cars would have failed. This recent story of the car being unsafe due to a battery fire is ridiculous. My car did not so much as smoke, and not a drop of liquid was released. This is the safest car on the road hands down, and for me, I can say honestly say it saved my life. Thank you Elon..

What’s interesting to me is that, just like the Tesla fire victim, this accident survivor couldn’t be happier with the Tesla and is immediately getting a new one.

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