According to the chart above from the Tesla Forums, Tesla is still increasing its weekly production numbers of Model S vehicles and now is standing just shy of 675 a week.  That number represents a leveling off of sorts after a strong growth from early August to early September. The still rising number puts Tesla at a 35,000 a year or 100/day. Craig Froehle, who maintains the list tells us why he’s cautious not to estimate 100/day just yet:

Some VINs are assigned to “internal” production vehicles, such as loaners, test mules, corporate cars, donor cars, etc. I don’t know how many that is, but I suspect it’s far less than 10%. Still, it’s not zero.

Plus, there’s a lag between issuing a VIN and a car rolling off the production line. Right now, that’s somewhere between 3 and 8 weeks, depending on various things. And then there’s another lag between production and delivery.
So, I suspect VIN issuance is a slightly inflated, lagging indicator of demand and a slightly inflated, leading indicator of production volume.

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