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September 14

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin expansion is on hold, awaiting approval

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin is seeing its expansion caught up in German bureaucracy once more as a vote to approve the project has been put on hold, but it still looks like the vote should happen by the end of the year.

September 9

Tesla Gigafactory Nevada output revealed by new leadership

Tesla has revealed the output Powerwall, Megapacks, vehicle motors, and batteries of Gigafactory Nevada as new leadership is taking over the factory.

September 17

Tesla Gigafactory Texas has produced 10,000th Model Y electric SUV

Tesla announced that Gigafactory Texas has produced its 10,000th Model Y electric SUV as it ramps up production.

August 30

Tesla spotted stacking structural battery packs at Gigafactory Texas; what’s happening?

Tesla has been spotted stacking an impressive number of structural battery packs in inventory at Gigafactory Texas. We look into what could be happening.

September 2

Podcast: Tesla Gigafactory Quebec?, Toyota changes its tune, Aptera reopens investments, and more

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy. This week, we discussed a potential Tesla Gigafactory in Quebec?, Toyota changing its tune on EVs (meaning they seem to actually want to build them instead of disparage them), Aptera the hyper aerodynamic solar car reopening investments, […]

September 19

Tesla is aiming for massive sale ramp-up in Germany

Tesla is reportedly aiming for a massive sale ramp-up in Germany to 80,000 vehicles in 2022, powered by Gigafactory Berlin.

September 2

Tesla looks to hire ‘high volume’ recruiters in Quebec as rumors of a factory ramp up

Tesla is looking to hire “high volume” recruiters to operate in Quebec, Canada, as rumors that the automaker is looking to establish a factory in the region are ramping up.

September 7

Canadian gov confirms talk with Tesla (TSLA) and other automakers about a factory

The Canadian government has confirmed that it is talking with Tesla (TSLA), along with other automakers, about building an electric vehicle factory in the country.

September 13

Tesla hires senior government official to lead critical mineral supply chain efforts in Canada

Tesla has hired a senior government official in Ontario to lead the company’s efforts on its critical mineral supply chain and government policy in Canada ahead of a potential factory in the country.

September 15

Tesla is rumored to host a visit from Canadian minister of industry amid factory talks

Tesla is rumored to be hosting a visit from Francois-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s industry and innovation minister, amid talks of the automaker building a factory in Canada.

August 17

Tesla meets with Canadian minister of industry amid effort for Gigafactory in Canada

Tesla has met with François-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s federal minister in charge of innovation, science, and industry, as the automaker is considering a Gigafactory in Canada.

August 18

Tesla manages to cut delivery times in China after upgrading Gigafactory Shanghai

Tesla has managed to cut Model 3 and Model Y delivery times in China, an important market for the automaker, after upgrading Gigafactory Shanghai to add more production capacity.

September 9

BMW confirms it will adopt Tesla’s 4680 cell format, pledging billions of dollars for six global battery factories

BMW Group has come out and publicly stated that its future success in a competitive EV market relies heavily on “powerful, innovative, and sustainably produced” battery cells. When BMW’s Neue Klasse (new class