VW ID3 Stories April 16, 2020

Volkswagen is restarting production at its Zwickau plant on April 20, one week ahead of when most of its global factories will resume. The much-anticipated ID.3 EV, the first of a wave of new VW electric vehicles, is produced in Zwickau. The move comes as the company acknowledges new challenges in meeting EU CO2 targets during the pandemic.

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VW ID3 Stories February 15, 2020

Alan Day Group, a network of three UK dealerships, said that the first 35 all-electric Volkswagen ID3 cars will arrive around March 28 or 29. That’s according to ThisIsMoney.com, a financial website. However, Volkswagen confirmed with Electrek that the schedule for the first deliveries remains summer 2020.

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VW ID3 Stories December 19, 2019

Germany’s Manager Magazine reports today that Volkswagen is struggling with software problems for its ID3 all-electric car. According to the report, the ID3 will be built for months with an incomplete software architecture that could affect up to 20,000 electric cars. These units, intended for sales in Europe and not the US, will require a manual software update.

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VW ID3 Stories December 12, 2019

Volkswagen released an audio file of the sound its ID3 EV will make. The sound, developed by composer Leslie Mandoki, will be used as an integral part of VW’s entire electric-vehicle brand.

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VW ID3 Stories August 21, 2019

Here’s one of the most important charts in the electrification of transport and the end of the combustion engine: conversion of fossil fuel-powered car production capacity to electric car production capacity. expand full story

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