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Tesla’s VP of Product Technology leaves for Facebook

Tesla Fremont factory 12

Rich Heley was one of Tesla’s biggest hire and quickly rose in the executive ranks of the automaker. We broke the news of his hire back in 2013 when he was still leading Alloy Engineering at Apple. Now we learn that only 3 years later, the engineer, who until recently was Vice President of Product Technology at Tesla, is now leaving for Facebook. Expand

Two Tesla top manufacturing executives to leave following Model X production issues

model x doors shot

Two of Tesla’s top manufacturing executives, Vice President of Production, Greg Reichow, and Vice President of Manufacturing, Josh Ensign, are leaving the automaker following several issues with the production ramp up of the Model X, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

On the other hand, a Tesla spokesperson confirmed both departures, saying that Reichow, the most senior exec of the two, will remain until his replacement is found, but the representative has denied a connection with the issues with the Model X production ramp up. Expand