Megane E-TECH Stories February 28

Renault’s new 100%-electric Mégane E-Tech is the French company’s non-hedged bet it can convince drivers they’ve nothing to lose in swapping their traditional ICE rides for modern a EV – and gain considerable performance, cost, and flair advantages in the bargain. A day test driving the car on the roads of southern Spain suggests the company stands a good chance of winning that wager and setting some standards for European EV development as it does.

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Megane E-TECH Stories September 16, 2021

It really isn’t much fun being a non-German brand at a German motor show. While Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, and co. drew all the headlines with their enormous and elaborate display stands, poor Renault was tucked away in an easily missable corner of a much quieter hall of the Munich expo center.

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Megane E-TECH Stories May 6, 2021

Today in France, Renault CEO Luca de Meo and the Renault brand team shared their new vision of the company. They painted themselves as an energy transition leader on the forefront of the latest technology and services, operating in a more sustainable and responsible manner.

As part of the event, they snuck in a few images of the Electric Mégane E-TECH Electric hatchback, including an Android-focused center stack.

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