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McLaren’s 2021 hybrid supercar will barely match Tesla’s 4-door sedan at 0-60

McLaren plans to hybridize its next-generation supercar with an electrically driven front axle, allowing it to hit 0-60 times of 2.3 seconds, down from 2.7 for its current model, according to CEO Mike Flewitt, as reported by Car and Driver. The car is planned for a 2021 release.

While an improvement, this will roughly match the 0-60 performance of Tesla’s P100DL, which was first released five years earlier, in 2016.

McLaren also plans to hybridize its entire lineup in the next three or four years. They will use a plug-in hybrid system with 15-20 miles of all-electric range.


McLaren wins contract to supply batteries to Formula E amid rumors of tie-up with Apple


Earlier this year, McLaren confirmed its development of new hybrid powertrains to be introduced in its vehicle lineup and that it was even considering building an all-electric version of the P1 or P1 GTR. Now McLaren will have a great opportunity to showcase its battery technology as it was announced that the British-based automaker won a contract to supply the battery pack for upcoming seasons of the Formula E championship. Expand