Fisker EMotion Stories January 9, 2018

After months of teasing, so much so that we had actually seen pretty much the entire vehicle and we have been aware of its main specs, Fisker officially launched its new EMotion all-electric vehicle at CES in Las Vegas last night. expand full story

Fisker EMotion Stories January 5, 2018

The more we get to see Henrik Fisker’s new electric car, the more we hope that he can get it to production.

Ahead of the vehicle launch next week, Fisker released several new impressive pictures of the all-electric vehicle. expand full story

Fisker EMotion Stories July 19, 2017

Since unveiling an actual prototype of its upcoming all-electric vehicle last month, Fisker has been gradually revealing more details about the vehicle through social media.

We now learn that they are using li-ion battery cells from LG Chem, dual cameras in the mirrors, and more. expand full story

Fisker EMotion Stories June 29, 2017

No more renders and photoshopped images. Fisker unveiled an actual prototype of his new electric car, the EMotion, ahead of the official unveiling event tomorrow.

The new electric car startup also started taking reservations with $2,000 deposits for the $130,000 premium sedan. expand full story

Fisker EMotion Stories June 15, 2017

There’s a lot of hype around Fisker’s upcoming all-electric EMotion car. Ambitious claims are being made and it feels like many of those will be vaporware at this early point.

But nonetheless, let’s take a quick look and try to understand some of those ‘unbelievable’ claims. expand full story

Fisker EMotion Stories June 7, 2017

Since renowned car designer Henrik Fisker announced a new electric car company called Fisker Inc. last year, he has been hyping it with renders and even through sockpuppeting on articles.

We are supposed to see the vehicle for the first time at an unveiling in August, as announced last month, but now Fisker is releasing the first few actual photos of the car. expand full story

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