BMW 330e Stories April 16, 2020

BMW says that its electrification strategy is all about giving consumers the choice of a pure EV or plug-in hybrid. That should put pressure on BMW to push the envelope on all-electric range and overall fuel-efficiency of its plug-in hybrids. But that’s not the case.

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BMW 330e Stories August 5, 2016

model 3 330e

When Nissan released an “attack ad” against Tesla’s reservation process for the Model 3, they were mostly laughed at by Model 3 reservation holders – at least in the comment section of our article about the new ad campaign – but this new ad by BMW is arguably even worse. expand full story

BMW 330e Stories September 4, 2015


German automaker BMW is set to introduce 2 new plug-in hybrids at the Frankfurt Motor Show which runs from the 17th to 27th of September. The 2 new models , BMW 225xe and BMW 330e, are based on the automaker’s Series 2 and Series 3, but with BMW’s eDrive powertrain technology.

BMW’s eDrive technology allows the driver to switch between being entirely powered by the battery pack, and being powered by the three-cylinder combustion engine for the 225xe, or four-cylinder engine in the case of the 330e . expand full story

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