atieva edna Stories September 29, 2016

Generation EQ, Exterieur ; Generation EQ, exterior;

Generation EQ, Exterieur ; Generation EQ, exterior;

After first unveiling its all-electric van Edna, a test mule for its electric powertrain, and benchmarking it against a Tesla Model S earlier this year, Atieva made some upgrades and tested it against a BMW i8 and a Viper.

The electric car startup is back to the dragstrip with a new (3rd) version of its prototype, which is equipped with a new high-power inverter, and the vehicle can now perform a 0-60 mph run in 2.74 seconds. expand full story

atieva edna Stories August 4, 2016

Atieva edna test 2

If Atieva wasn’t able to convince you that it has an impressive all-electric powertrain by achieving a 0 to 60 mph acceleration in just over 3 secondsin a van, the startup might be able to change your mind now that it managed to bring it down under 3 seconds – 2.94 seconds to be exact. expand full story

atieva edna Stories July 13, 2016


Atieva, a well-funded electric car startup led on the engineering side by Peter Rawlinson, former Tesla VP and Model S Chief Engineer, introduced today its first prototype, Edna, an all-electric van with supercar-like performance.

The vehicle is used to showcase the company’s all-electric platform, which will be first commercialized in a luxury sedan and not a van, but in the meantime, Atieva benchmarked the van against a Ferrari and a Tesla Model S. expand full story

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