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Porsche Taycan

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Porsche Taycan is an electric car manufactured by Porsche that was first shown as a concept named Mission E at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.

Porsche Taycan initial reaction

In 2019, the Taycan went up for pre-order, and 20,000 people placed an order without even knowing the final price. The high demand led Porsche to increase production for the Taycan.

Porsche announced that it is increasing the production capacity of the Taycan, its first all-electric car, after seeing high demand for the electric sports car.

“Taycan’s original production capacity was 20,000 units. This continues to be the requirement for the first year of production. By increasing its workforce by the end of the second quarter of 2020, Porsche is providing itself with the necessary flexibility to be able to produce more units if necessary.”

Porsche Taycan Review

In January, Electrek got to take the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S out for a test drive. Publisher Seth Weintraub visited the showroom in Atlanta. He called it the best Porsche ever.

So the Taycan, in all of its trims, is the kind of car that when you stop, people walk up to the car and swooooon. Some fans even follow you to take pictures while you are driving down the freeway. I imagine that as Porsche delivers more of these beauties, the excitement will be tempered somewhat. There are currently only around 200 delivered in the US out of a sold-out 30,000 expected worldwide over the next year or so. The Taycan is a sight to behold.

As I mentioned, my car was a bit of a Frankenstein, and the Turbo S car I had hoped to drive was riding on some tires slightly damaged during testing at the motor speedway. But the Turbo sans S was still more than enough car for me, and I got to see what it was like driving with 192-mile-range wheels.

Porsche Taycan price

The Porsche Taycan starts at $103,800 for the 4S model. The Turbo model starts at $150,900. The Turbo S model starts at $185,000.
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Porsche’s new on-board and wall chargers nearly halve Taycan home charge times

Porsche charger

Porsche is delivering significantly faster home charging times to current Taycan owners by rolling out a new onboard charging unit that can be retrofitted into existing EVs for under $2,000. Combined with Porsche’s new AC home charger unit, Porsche owners can replenish their Taycan at speeds nearly twice as fast as their original setup.

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The top 10 fastest-charging EVs currently available

Xcel Energy EV

With a tremendous number of bespoke EVs that have already arrived this year, there has never been a more exciting time to switch to go all-electric. A number of factors will play into your EV decision, regardless of whether it’s a lease or a purchase. Aside from the obvious preference for a certain model design, things like cargo space, range, acceleration, and technology are all important to consider. So is charging speed. Some of the data below could be the deciding factor in choosing one EV or another. Check out the top 10 fastest charging EVs currently available.

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Porsche proves the benefits of V2G technology by pooling its EVs together to help stabilize electrical grids

Porsche V2G

Porsche AG is testing the possibilities of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology in its EVs, but taking it a step further. Rather than just deliver EVs like the Taycan that can supply energy back to the grid rather than just pull from it, Porsche has run a V2G pilot program that utilizes “swarms” of EVs whose high-voltage batteries are pooled to help keep the local electrical grid stabilized.

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Porsche reveals 2021 sales figures, more than doubles Taycan sales

Porsche reveals 2021 sales, Taycan doubles

Porsche just released its 2021 sales figures, and you’d never know there was any kind of supply problems from looking at them. Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) had its best year ever in 2021, up 22 percent from the pandemic-stained 2020 and 14 percent above the record set in 2019.

Even bigger news? It was Porsche’s electrified lineup that led the charge in 2021.

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Porsche Taycan GTS sedan first drive: Getting to the track is half the fun

Porsche Taycan GTS sedan-willow-springs

For Electrek‘s first drive of the Grand Turismo Sport (GTS), Porsche brought us out to Willow Springs race track in the high desert, northeast of Los Angeles. The cars it gave us were stock models with nothing you can’t option at a Porsche dealer. Our basic instructions were to try and follow the professional drivers ahead of us and listen for instructions— and that was pretty much it.

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Porsche calls on its suppliers to use 100% renewable energy to manufacture its components

Porsche suppliers

Porsche looks to advance its efforts against CO2 emissions by calling upon its nearly 1,300 suppliers to only use renewable energy in manufacturing components for its vehicles. Currently, the sports car manufacturer’s supply chain contributes about 20% of its total greenhouse gas emissions.

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Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo EPA range numbers released

Cross Turismo EPA

Probably the biggest concern with Porsche’s Taycan is the car’s seemingly low EPA range, especially compared to other EVs in its class. We had a chance to review the bigger, off-road Cross Turismo variant last month and came away thinking that Porsche would be less conservative with its EPA range estimates this time around. We were right but only slightly…

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