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January 5

Tesla Gigafactory Texas hits hyperspeed with giant building coming up, new job postings

Tesla Gigafactory Texas, which is a big part of Tesla’s growth story in 2021, is hitting hyperspeed with a giant building coming up and new job postings.

January 20

EGEB: Ex-Aston Martin CEO – UK battery gigafactories are urgent

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): The former Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer says the UK must urgently build four battery gigafactories. Spanish energy giant Naturgy enters the US market by partnering with Candela Renewables. UnderstandSolar is a free service that links you to top-rated solar installers in your region for personalized solar estimates. […]

January 22

Tesla takes delivery of massive ‘Giga Press’ at Gigafactory Texas

Tesla has taken delivery of a massive “Giga Press,” which is believed to be the world’s largest casting machine, at Gigafactory Texas.

January 12

Tesla factory locations: Where they are and could soon be

As Tesla’s stock currently continues to rise along with its current market cap valuation approaching $800 billion, it’s safe the say the American EV automaker is doing okay. Tesla currently produces four electric vehicles at its various factory locations around the world. These Gigafactories also produce battery and solar technologies for the brand. With a […]

January 8

Tesla’s $25,000 electric car could be coming sooner than we thought

Tesla’s recently announced $25,000 electric car could be coming sooner than we thought, according to newly unveiled documents about Gigafactory Shanghai.

January 11

Tesla expands Gigafactory Shanghai again, looks to add design director ahead of new $25,000 electric car

Tesla is again expanding Gigafactory Shanghai with new buildings coming up on the eastern side. The automaker is also looking to add a design director to its Chinese team ahead of the new planned $25,000 electric car.

December 31, 2020

Tesla Semi: new manufacturing process job listed at Gigafactory Nevada for electric semi truck

Tesla is now listing a new manufacturing process job at Gigafactory Nevada for the Tesla Semi, the automaker’s upcoming electric semi truck.

December 30, 2020

Tesla achieved supply optimization at Gigafactory Shanghai, now says cost is linked to materials

Tesla executives are linking the price drops in China throughout the year to supply optimization at Gigafactory Shanghai, which they say is now completed. Now, they linked the price to material costs and say they could increase.

January 6

Tesla sells out first quarter of Model Y electric SUV in China in just a few days

Tesla sold out the first quarter of Model Y electric SUVs in China after just a few days of taking orders, according to an update to its website.

January 1

Tesla updates interior design of Model Y electric SUV

Tesla has updated the interior design of the Model Y electric SUV, starting with the new one produced in China, to match the changes introduced in the 2021 Model 3.

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