In this week’s top stories: Full power Ludicrous mode returns, upcoming Model 3 upgrades, Tesla showroom discounts, EV emissions slashed, BMW, Zero Motorcycles, Mercedes, and more.

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This week Tesla finally unleashes the full power of Ludicrous mode as one Model S hits 300,000 miles in just 2 years – saving an estimated $60,000 on fuel and maintenance. Tesla also offers ‘up to $30,000 showroom discounts’ and lowers interest rates to boost sales. And details of a dashcam feature using Autopilot cameras emerge.

Electric car emissions are slashed by two thirds as the electricity generation goes green. BMW unveils new, upcoming EV designs. Zero Motorcycles is making a twin electric motor bike with Curtiss Motorcycles. And Mercedes unveils a new all-electric and autonomous Smart prototype for ride-sharing.

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