In this week’s top stories: Tesla Autopilot’s Autosteer update on HW2, Elon Musk’s underground transportation network in SpaceX’s parking lot, Hyundai IONIQ‘s pricing, TSLA milestones, the latest solar & EV news, and much more.

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We kick things off this week with a look at Tesla Autosteer now enabled on ‘local roads’ for new Enhanced Autopilot vehicles. A Tesla driver makes news by sacrificing his Model S to help save a man having a stroke on the highway (Tesla picked up his repair bill). And Tesla’s market cap reaches the last milestone of Elon Musk’s $1 billion CEO stock option plan– will he continue as CEO?

Norway hits a tipping point for electric vehicles as EV market share there reaches a record breaking 37%. A hole in SpaceX’s parking lot is revealed as a ‘vast underground transportation network’ for cars and Hyperloop. Hyundai announces highly competitive pricing for IONIQ Electric in the US. And we get a look at a massive 650MW solar plant construction in India in this week’s top video.

These and the rest of this week’s top stories below:

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