After unveiling their racetrack-ready Tesla Model S P100D earlier this month, Electric GT, the all-electric and all-Tesla racing championship, released a fun teaser of the vehicle on the racetrack this week.

Following the ‘Ludicrous+’ update that unlocked more power in Tesla’s P100D vehicles, Electric GT changed its Model S P85+ for a stripped-down Tesla Model S P100D and claimed a 2.0-sec 0 to 60 mph acceleration.

That’s hard to believe since the P100D originally had a 2.5 seconds 0-60 acceleration, but apparently not out of the realm of possibilities since CEO Elon Musk had predicted that 2.1 seconds could be possible with a stripped-down version of the car.

Of course, acceleration is just one part of the fun in racing. The vehicles still need to maintain high speeds for long periods of time and that could be the problem with an all-Tesla race.

But what we have seen from Electric GT so far has been quite exciting.

Look how the P100D sticks to the racetrack in this new teaser:

Interestingly, Mark Gemmell, founder and CEO of Electric GT, claims that he discussed with Tesla engineers the problem of cooling the Model S when pushing the motor and battery pack, which will be required during the races. Without going into details, he said they were working on a solution.

He also said that they know where is the problem, which appears to be the stator:tesla-electric-gt-3

The company has been claiming that the first season will start later this year. The hype is strong. Let’s hope they deliver.

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