It has been a while since we shared a third-party design concept of a Tesla vehicle. Here are some of previous posts about design concepts:

The Model S wagon was actually from the same designer, Rain Prisk Designs, as this new Model S convertible with an updated front fascias.

Here’s the concept via Rain Prisk’s Instagram:tesla-model-s-convertible-rain-prisk-2

Aside from the modifications associated with the open top, it looks like the front fascia is really the only modification for the Model S. A rare new Model S fascia design without a fake grille/nosecone.

A convertible design would certainly create a challenge for Tesla’s Autopilot team since the latest hardware suite includes sensors in the B-pillars.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

Of course, unlike most of the Tesla design concepts, like the next-gen Roadster or the Model S wagon, Tesla Model S convertibles are actually real thanks to some third-party companies modifying the sedans.

A few of them have been spotted over the years:

But it’s never as good as a vehicle designed to be a convertible.

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