In this week’s top stories: Progress at Tesla’s Gigafactory 1, Elon Musk confirms new Model 3 details and unveils a new glass roof option for Model S, and we take a closer look at Powerwall 2 and its competition.

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We kick things off with new 360-degree imagery of Tesla’s rapidly progressing Gigafactory 1. Elon Musk confirms a new in-house developed “Tesla Glass” coming to Model 3. And the company also begins offering a new Glass Roof option for Model S while discontinuing the P90D.

In other EV news, Fisker unveils a new electric car design dubbed EMotion, the first full-scale Hyperloop prototype begins to take shape, and Nissan takes a step backward with a new gas-powered range extender.

We move onto solar and energy news as we take a look at the Powerwall 2 competition and Panasonic‘s task ahead as it attempts to keep up with Tesla’s battery demands. These and the rest of this week’s top stories below.

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