After shipping a few thousand Model X SUVs with 6 and 7-seat configurations, Tesla is finally ready to introduce its 5-seat configuration. which now the company now confirmed will come with fold-flat second-row seats. The result is what could very well be the best-in-class vehicle for storage with 88 cubic feet of it.

Tesla writes about the new option for maximizing cargo capacity in its updated online design studio:

“Model X is equipped with a second row bench seat that folds flat in our five seat interior configuration. Designed with 60/40 split to recline separately or fold entirely flat, this opens up 88 cubic feet of interior cargo storage.

Prior to the new option, the Model X with the best cargo configuration (six seat) had 77 ft³ of cargo space.

88 ft³ is a record for luxury SUVs. The Model X’s top competition like the BMW X5 (66.0 ft³), Porsche Cayenne (62.9 ft³), Audi Q7 (71.6 ft³), or Volvo XC90 (85.7 ft³), all fall short of the Model X with the new seat configuration.

Even a vehicle known for its interior cargo space, like the Ford Flex (83.2 ft³), is still falling short of the Model X’s new 88 cubic feet of interior storage.

Another comparison point though unfair because it’s a sedan: Tesla’s Model S has 58.1 cu ft of storage with seats down.

It’s a feature that a lot of Model X reservation holders were waiting for. Tesla started delivering the Model X late in 2015, but only the 6 and 7-seat configurations have been available for the last year. Some who would have preferred a 5-seat configuration gave up and ordered the available options, but those who waited should be happy to know that the wait resulted in a best-in-class cargo space.

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