A Raleigh-based startup and maker of scientific instruments, Practichem, announced that it will start offering brand new Tesla Model 3’s to employees. Prior to the Model 3 unveiling, another company, San Antonio-based Architecture firm Lake Flato, announced that it will also include the Model 3 in its employees perks by offering to its staff the opportunity split the $1,000 cost of the reservation deposit for the Tesla Model 3.

But Lake Flato’s offer is now outshined by Practichem’s initiative.

Founder and CEO Nick DeMarco on the offer:

“I was looking into what we can do to retain the folks we have today, and what we can do to attract more folks. And I have a Tesla obviously (standing in front of his Model S). The Model 3 came out and I started to run some numbers.

What if we started giving Model 3’s as a perk to our employees? Every time I was running the numbers it kept coming back showing that we can do this so why not do it. So why not do it.”

Practichem currently has 15 employees. At a minimum of $35,000 before incentives per vehicle, that’s a significant half million dollar purchase and only the beginning, as DeMarco doesn’t hide the fact that he hopes to attract more talent with the offer and therefore build a bigger Tesla fleet.

The company secured a $5 million funding round last year, which should help finance its Model 3 perk. Unless they already reserved the vehicles, they shouldn’t expect a delivery until late 2018 – so they have plenty of time to figure out how to pay for them anyway.

The News & Obsever published a quick video with DeMarco:


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