Model X deliveries are picking up as evidenced by numerous new videos and pictures posted to social media websites. We gathered a few of our favorites.


Most of the lucky new Tesla owners enjoying the Model X during the holidays have been waiting for years as Signature reservation holders to finally get their vehicle, which makes the timing a welcomed Christmas present.

One of these new Model X owner is Bonnie Norman, the owner of the Signature Model X #2, and her Twitter account is particularly interesting to follow these days as she explores every corner of her new vehicle:

A few videos of Model X sightings and deliveries:

More pictures:

Just in time for the holidays! #Tesla #ModelX

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Just got the new model x in at work. #tesla #modelx #work #newmodel #suv

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Tesla board member and Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk taking delivery of his Model X:

Taking delivery on my sweet @teslamotors #ModelX. Woo hoo!

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Bonus: Pictures of a Model X chassis via Instagram.

#Tesla #modelX #DRX #armalotumismo #gift

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