Tesla announced pricing for the Model S in China today on its Blog. Surprisingly, it is the exact same price as the US model plus Import duties/taxes, etc.

Instead, the price of a Model S in China is much lower than its competitors simply because we want to treat our Chinese customers just as well as we’d treat customers in any other country. That means the price of a Model S in China is the same as the price of a Model S in the US, adding only unavoidable taxes, customs duties and transportation costs. We’re not even factoring in the cost of the free-to-use Supercharger network that Tesla will build across China.

That’s $121,260, vs. $73,570 in the US. A 65% markup for taxes, duties, and shipping vs. a $7500 – $10,000 tax subsidy in the US.

Below is the exact math for 734k CNY:

$81,070 US price
$3,600 Shipping & handling
$19,000 Customs duties & taxes
$17,700 VAT
734k CNY @ 6.05 exchange rate

That’s a bold move. Yet, another one.

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