Tesla maps Stories April 12

Tesla has completely revamped its maps and navigation system and it recently started releasing the first beta version of the system to its fleet.

Along with the update, Tesla is now also releasing a new Waze-like crowdsourced traffic data feature. expand full story

Tesla maps Stories March 30

As promised by Elon Musk earlier this week, Tesla is about to finally release its long-promised new navigation engine, which Musk called ‘light years ahead’ of the current system.

Now we take our first look at the new system. expand full story

Tesla maps Stories August 8, 2017

Last month, we reported that Tesla is working on revamping its maps and navigation system with its own maps using new open source modules from MapBox and Valhalla.

While the new feature is not available in most Tesla vehicles, we get our first good look at the new ‘Tesla Maps’ system thanks to a resourceful Model S owner. expand full story

Tesla maps Stories July 3, 2017

Maps are becoming increasingly important in vehicles and not just for navigation. Self-driving technology is reliant on maps and positioning, which is why Tesla is leading several different efforts to improve maps as part of this transition to autonomous driving and now it is adding new ones.

The company started updating its maps and navigation systems using MapBox and Valhalla. expand full story

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