tesla australia Stories October 30, 2017

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was interviewed by Australia’s 60 Minutes about the country’s current power crisis and Tesla’s effort to help solve the issues with energy storage.

The California-based automaker/energy company is now caught up in what is being described as a “high-stakes political power play” over Australia’s power industry, which led to significant electricity rate increases that are putting pressure on families.

Musk vowed that Tesla will “work harder” to help solve the problem. expand full story

tesla australia Stories June 11, 2017

Tesla made several significant announcements last week regarding charging in Australia, which is becoming an increasingly important market for the company.

They announced a partnership to deploy destination chargers at 31 shopping centers across the country and offer one year of free charging at home to new owners.  expand full story

tesla australia Stories June 29, 2016

Tesla store Sydney Martin Place 1

Until now Tesla had only 3 stores in Australia, two in Melbourne and one in Sydney, but today the automaker is expanding its presence in the country and opening a new flagship location in the heart of Sydney (pictured above). expand full story

tesla australia Stories March 30, 2016

australia model 3

Due to its timezone, EV enthusiasts in Australia are the first to be able to reserve the Tesla Model 3 in-store. Reservations started in the last hour and long lines of people have been spotted in Sydney and Melbourne. expand full story

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