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Due to its timezone, EV enthusiasts in Australia are the first to be able to reserve the Tesla Model 3 in-store. Reservations started in the last hour and long lines of people have been spotted in Sydney and Melbourne.

The rest of the world will have to wait until tomorrow for their local Tesla store to open in order to place a reservation or wait for the actual unveiling of Tesla’s $35,000 long-range electric vehicle set for 8:30pm Pacific (3:30am UTC) at which point online reservations to be available.

Due to the currently weak Australian dollar, people placing a reservation have to pay a  $1,500 AUD deposit vs $1,000 USD in the US.

But it’s not stopping a lot of people queuing up. Here a quick video of the first people to place a reservation for the Model 3 in Melbourne:

We have also gathered pictures from people lining up and even setting up tents around the world to reserve the Model 3 tomorrow.

The vehicle will be officially unveiled at Tesla’s Design Studio in Hawthorne, California, tomorrow March 31st at 8:30pm Pacific. If you want to reserve the vehicle, Tesla revealed all the reservation process details per region and here’s everything we know about the vehicle, as well as some exclusive Tesla Model 3 specs we released earlier today.

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